Captured - Edit

Today I bring you the edit of "Captured", as seen below. Something interesting about this piece? It has had the biggest engagement on Facebook since last year ... might of had something to do with a friend in marketing sharing the post ... but I will take it none the less. Aside from facebok working, I actually nearly binned this photo. I am still not sure about it. However, due to someone else really liking it *AHEM* Nat *Ahem* I decided to carry on. And turned it upside down. 


Still not sure if I like it ... But here is how I made it :) : 

Sheer/Cocoon - Edit

Last week I met up with an old dancer friend that you might have seen on my website before. Here name is Erica. Yeah. We did some cool shots! We met at her house where we got treated to a fantastic Tea Party and lunch! Nom nom! 

We then made our way to the Riley Theater where the Northen School of Contemporary Dance has all its studios. And so we got to work. Using a combination of fabrics supplied by my better half, we got to create some unusual shapes and lighting. I didn't upload an edit of last week's image as me and photoshop had a fall out over gifs. It's okay; we are on talking terms again :)

So this week I shall treat you to two images one with an edit gif, and the other with just a before and after :)

Image one:  "Sheer" 

Image two: "Cocoon" 

Intermediate Steps - Edit

Thank you all for having a look at the last post and the feedback regarding the last edit gif. I have made a few changes that hopefully will make it look better :) 

This photograph was taken in front of the University of Leeds Parkinson Building where The Treasures of the Brotherton Gallery resides.  

A really difficult photo to capture with very low light conditions (only the lights from the traffic and lamposts in the distant), Rachel (the dancer) was a trooper in repeating the jump over and over till we had no people in the background and the shot that we wanted ! 

How To Edit Eyes - Speed Edit -

I have recently created a photo for one of my friends, who has some very stunning eyes. Her face has previously appeared on my site ... Here. And I thought I would share with you both the final image and a 4 minute video of how I put the image together :) 

I hope you enjoy it.  
Please let me know in the comment section below if this has been at all helpful or not :)