Adventures Around Leeds

 So, if you’ve not read the first part to this, it might be worth while giving it a quick skim read here. I thought this would be a worthwhile experience to share with you as it showed quite a lot of what I do and the way I like to work.

Carrying on from where we left off, Erica and I had just finished our coffees … Which by the way were really good (I’ve only just realised but I always seem to have caffeine before every shoot).As we were in the Corn Exchange, I thought it would have been a good idea to use some of the light available in there. First couple of clicks and it was like putting on an old comfy, familiar jumper!
And then it started… The most uncontrollable giggling fit that I have had on a shoot. I don’t know why but everything was really funny. Maybe it’s because Erica and I never really tried to do a serious photo shoot ? Maybe it’s because I initially started by trying to make her smile and naturally laugh. Either way, we were both in hysterics in the middle of the Corn Exchange laughing like a couple of mental heads. Ah that’s what photoshoots are all about :)


Having over heard us … The security guard came up to us and made us aware that we were not allowed to be photographing in that area…. RIGHT. Photographers… MAKE NOTE. Although, yeah he was right … We weren't allowed to photograph on what is considered private property … It NEVER hurts to ask… After a little bit of flirting with the security guard … He allowed for us to carry on shooting :D WINNING. Note – Most companies are okay if you are shooting non-commercial work in their premises.
If you’re earning money… You need to share it with them.  

We wrapped that up and moved on to another location. Walking around town trying to find something that was appealing … We decided to revisit an old favourite place of mine, Victoria Quarter , and did a couple of head shots there where the lights look really bokefull… (Yes I just made that word up … Go with it.).


We tried a couple of shots at the Light too … However. We got moved along by the Security Guard there too … And yes I did try to charm him into letting us carry on and he said “Alright mate, I’m not gonna let you shoot anymore… But as I’m walking away I won’t turn around to see you taking one more set of shots and then walking the other way”, which in translation means that he gave us one shot. Unfortunately the shot wasn't good enough to make the cut.

Ahhh now comes my favourite part… We managed to get set up in the middle of the road, you know how you get those strips of land that just part two roads… Yeah one of those. Erica was in her leotard and I was sat about 10 meters away trying to get a shot... And low and behold a surprise fire engine came out of no where … JOKE YOU NOT… About 1 meter away from my head. AND THEN AFTERWARDS … a bus nearly ran over my camera bag that had all my lenses in (that was about 20cms away …)


I know we shouldn’t be playing in traffic. But we got the shot. I think. I’m still editing it… Not sure how I feel about it yet.

This is not the final image by the way. I just thought it would be good to illustrate our location. Also, embarrass Erica with her strange "stretches". 

This is not the final image by the way. I just thought it would be good to illustrate our location. Also, embarrass Erica with her strange "stretches". 


To conclude our super exciting day, we wandered further… to somewhere that I can’t say… And we found this location purely by chance... And as it happened it yielded one of my favourite photos this year :D We were simply passing by as I was heading back home and I had this idea of Erica dividing the scene and doing her normal awesome stuff. So within 5 minutes we had set up and practiced one shot until we took the final image. Annnnnnd then…. We were moved on again by security.

Preparing for the final Shot. 

Preparing for the final Shot. 


Some of you may think “What are you trying to tell me here Alex? You’ve just given me an account to your day. Why should I care?”

I hear you.

And what my reply to you is – Be curious.

Go out exploring. Go and see places that you might even think you know very well… Look at them with an inquisitive pair of eyes.

And don’t put constraints on your work from the get go.

Thank you all for reading and supporting me :) I look forward to any comments or questions! I would offer you a cookie (again) but I ate them all :P - Maybe next time...